Steeped in the history of ancient civilisation, Greece with its rich cultural and geographical variety, provides visitors with some of the wonders of the world, such as the Acropolis in Athens, and magical settings of sun-drenched beaches and crystal-clear seas.

Destinations in Greece

The grounds of Palaio Frourio (Old Fortress) are often used for art and culture exhibitions


The Greek island of Corfu is an idyllic retreat that is defined by its lush green landscapes, flawless white beaches and ultramarine waters.

Crete's serene shores are fringed by verdant landscapes


This captivating land has an air of mystery and a diversity that has to be seen to be admired. Crete is the largest and most populous of all the Greek islands.

Kassandra is one of three peninsulas in Halkidiki, joining Sithonia and Agion Oros


Halkidiki has arguably the best beaches on Greece’s mainland, with more than 550 kilometres of coastline that is lapped by the crystalline waters of the Aegean.

Kos Town looks out across the stunning Aegean Sea


Idyllic coastline, glitzy harbours and whitewashed town, define the Dodecanese island of Kos is every bit a Grecian gem.

A wonderfully unspoilt cove, Voidokoilia Beach is known to be one of the best beaches in Greece


Sitting in the southwestern corner of Greece’s Peloponnese region, Messenia prefecture is breathtakingly beautiful and somewhat of an undiscovered gem.

Windswept and luxurious, the Cyclades Island of Mykonos is one of the most stylish in the Mediterranean


Attracting a glitzy crowd, the spectacular island of Mykonos is a sparkling gem of the Cyclades archipelago that is brimming with luxurious resorts and ultra-stylish beaches.



Natives believe to this day the island of Rhodes belongs to the sun God Helios.

White washed, cubiform houses dot the Santorini's hilltops overlooking the Aegean Sea


Overlooking the brilliant blue Aegean Sea, spectacular Santorini is arguably the most iconic, picturesque setting in all of Greece.



Thesprotia is part of the Eprius region located directly opposite the Ionian island of Corfu. It is one of the most naturally stunning regions in the western side of Greece.



Lying west to the Greek mainland and northwest of Peloponnese, Zante is the third largest island in the area.


A Little More About Greece

Crete, the largest of the Greek Islands, is blessed with sublime natural beauty and is host to some of Greece’s most luxurious hotels, spectacular beaches and a wealth of ancient sites.

Idyllic coastlines, glitzy harbours and whitewashed towns, define the Dodecanese island of Kos which is a Grecian gem well worth exploring.

Another place well worth a visit is Corfu, an island off the northwest coast in the Ionian Sea. The greenest of Greece’s islands, it is defined by rugged mountains, stunning beaches and pretty, traditional villages.

The area of Thesprotia lies in northwestern Greece part of the mainland that is opposite to Corfu. It is close to the picturesque fishing village of Perdikia where sea views meet a vast mountain backdrop. Here lies a 60-km coastline with marvellous beaches, stretching from Sagiada in the North to Parga in the South.

Another area famous for its beautiful scenery is Halkidiki in Northern Greece, close to Thessaloniki. Halkidiki is known for its landscapes which include fine sandy beaches framed by pine forests and one of Halkidiki’s top cultural attractions, Mount Athos.

Further South in mainland Greece is the Messinian area of Costa Navarino, which is a largely untouched corner of Greece with rolling hills, rugged mountains and UNESCO World Heritage sites.

Rhodes, the largest of Greece’s Dodecanese islands, is known for
its beautiful beaches, ancient ruins and has an Old Town featuring
the medieval Street of the Knights.

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A perfect destination to visit between Easter and mid-June and from the end of August until mid-October with a pleasant climate and fewer crowds. If you like it hot, temperatures soar at the height of summer.

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Flight Information

Approximately 4 hours to Heraklion, Chania, and Rhodes 3 hours 30 minutes to Corfu, Zante, Thessaloniki and Kalamata Airports and 3 hours to Akiton (direct from London, Manchester and some other regional airports).




Greek, English is widely spoken

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GMT +2 hours

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