LUX* Resorts

LUX* Resorts- Innovative, fresh collection of Indian Ocean resorts.
There are three stunning 5-star hotels in Mauritius and two beautiful 5-star properties in Maldives. LUX* Resorts have real vision and always surprises you with imaginative special touches such as impromptu family games tournaments, Cinema Paradiso screenings under the night sky or stargazing. LUX* also have a pop-up ice cream stall, Phone Home using the iconic red phone box for free international calls and its own brand of coffee.

Facilities at all of the resorts are impressive. Each of the properties has a LUX* Me Spa, fantastic complimentary Kids' Clubs (age 3-17) with a focus on the surrounding natural habitat. Restaurants are simply divine and feature top-notch service levels.

Each of the five hotels has its own unique personality: vibrant LUX* Belle Mare has the biggest pool in Mauritius and is located by a pristine beach on the East coast. LUX* Grand Gaube has recently been completely refurbished and is close to buzzing Grand Baie and the markets of Goodlands. LUX* Le Morne is more suitable for couples and is in the wilder UNESCO protected South West side famous for its sunsets; LUX* South Ari Atoll is an ideal choice for families looking for a Maldives retreat with plenty to do and seven restaurants. LUX* North Ari Atoll is ultra-modern, ultra luxurious and brand new.

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