There are plenty of reasons to choose Antigua as your next holiday destination. The island is well-known for its stunning white sandy beaches, amazing culinary cuisine and beautiful scenery. It is the perfect depiction of paradise.

A Little More About Antigua

The island offers 365 beaches, one for everyday of the year and the majority of them can be found nestled amongst calm seas. On the beaches, guests will find a lot of natives and tourists sailing – it is their favorite past time and how could you resist with the stunning blue waters.

The capital city of St Johns has plenty to do. The beautiful buildings are colored brightly setting the city apart from many other locations. It is also filled with historical buildings including the high rising St Johns Cathedral, ruins of an 18th century Fort James and Fort Barrington and nearby is the Heritage Quay for some duty-free shopping, the perfect place to find souvenirs. Other activities around the island involve stunning hiking trails, rainforest ziplining tours, bird sanctuary for the Frigate birds and just outside the village of Willikies is the naturally formed Devil’s Bridge.

For a lively beach experience, try Dickenson Bay which epitomises the beauty of the island, with plenty of excursions and water sports for you to try. There are countless of restaurants along the extensive stretch of the beach. The locals have a palette for spicy food, so if spicy cuisine is your thing you have chosen the right place. One popular dish amongst the natives is conch, which is a type of sea snail, cooked many different ways including fried, fritters and raw loaded with citric juices. The islands national dish is stewed saltfish with fungi.


The weather is pleasant through out the year. Spring and Summer the weather on average is 29°C. While in Autumn and Winter the temperature remain 29-30°C, this is hurricane season.

Flight Information

Flight time is approximately 12 hours and 15 minutes.


East Caribbean Dollar



Time Difference

GMT -4

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