The family enjoyed another fantastic holiday at the Anassa…

The family enjoyed another fantastic holiday at the Anassa in Cyprus. We requested specific adjoining suites on our booking form, and the hotel duly obliged. The senior management has changed since last year, and the hotel is still excellent. The staff, many of whom have been there since the hotel opened, are as professional as ever.
We had two issues. The fan in our room on arrival was shorting, producing a very acrid smell.This was reported to housekeeping in the morning. However, on returning to our room late afternoon, nothing had been done to rectify/replace it. After reporting the matter again to the staff at the main desk, the whole unit was replaced. I believe that checks should have been made to ensure everything in the room is in working order, and in a safe condition, prior to new guests occupying the room.
The only other issue we had was the amount we had to pay in advance on a credit card. On arrival, reception insisted on taking 250 euros per room per day, which in our case amounted to 7000 euros (14 days). This sum was queried, as we had paid for our holiday up front. Their response was that this is necessary because of non-payment issues with other guests in the past. I consider the amounts involved should be reviewed, as 7000 euros blocked on a credit card is excessive.