Island was lovely, service very good…

Island was lovely, service very good & friendly. Cleaning of rooms was really good & we loved coming back to find a new animal made out of towels on the bed every day. Snorkelling trip out to reef every day worked well, fish were amazing. It felt like there was plenty to do every day without feeling we were being pushed into things. Food was good, buffets much better than the usual.
We went all inclusive which felt very expensive – over £4k for 1 week, 2 adults, 2 children, but looking at menu prices made us think it wouldn`t have been any cheaper to go a la carte, & it was relaxing to have it all pre-paid.
Only grumble was that we had particularly asked via Travelbeam for twin beds for the children – we got a king size bed because hotel said there were no twin beds at our room level ( a downgraded room could have had twin beds). I thought Travelbeam should have told us that at booking, so we could have changed.