Fun vibe and the pools are great..

The hotel has a fun vibe, and the pools are great. It had the best selection of sun loungers/beds/pods etc than most places. The kids loved the style of the place, and enjoyed playing football every day at 6pm at the kids club. This wouldn`t be for the faint hearted though – very competitive, quite a few Spanish Dads joining in and taking it very seriously! Less younger ones. My 9 and 6 year olds are football mad, and did play, but the youngest one struggled a few times. The room we had was very cramped, and the storage is minimal. I was disappointed to have to ask for the sofa bed to be made up for my son, and was waiting quite a long time to have that done on the first night when he needed to go to bed. Overall the service is very mixed. Some friendly, helpful staff, some actually really rude. The refurbishment has clearly been done very quickly, and although the hotel is less than a year old, there are quite a lot of problems e.g. numerous glass doors on the loos are cracked or shattered, locks on doors broken. Food wise, people definitely need to book the restaurants before they arrived unless you want to be stuck in the buffet every day. Availability when we arrived was very limited. The best restaurant is the steak house, but you do pay a lot more than the credit given for half board. Overall, it`s quite good for a quick week away in the sun, and offers reasonable value, but it`s more like a 4* than a 5*. I`d go again, particularly in the winter if there was a good deal, but be mindful of all those points!